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What are the biggest challenges with doing big data analytics?

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challenges in big data

Big Data

  • Big data is a set of distinct data with large volume of data including the structured data, semi-structured data and unstructured data and provides the new growth opportunities and also with new technologies.
  • Big data has three main Concept or factors: they are variety (data types), velocity (data speed) and volume (data quantity).
  • Big data, analyzed the perception and leads to take better decisions and business moves by analyzing the strategy. It can also increase the capacity of storage, performance, processing power and so on.

Big Data Analytics

  • Big data analytics is the activity to acquiring, assemble and extracting the valuable information by analyzing the variety of distinct data sets.
  • Big data analytics is used to discover the indistinct pattern, trends in marketing and customer desire, for the advantage of decision making for optimizing the business in the market.

What are the big challenges while doing Big Data Analytics

There are many big challenges face doing big data analytics, some of them are,

  • Quality of data
  • Security for data
  • Multiple sources for data
  • Perception
  • Investment

Quality of data:

  • Data quality is important for the users as well as companies. User has got a product with quality of data and reliable of the data and company got a good reputation among the user and it helps to optimize the business more.
  • If quality of data is in poor is harmful to data analytics. Manual error leads to inappropriate data and this data leads to low quality of data and unreliable.
  • If any data can be modifying, then it should be modified across the system. Because the user can got a good experience or very familiar with that method.

Security for data:

Now, many companies and organizations are assert that they face a big challenge in security for data.

Comparing the amount of data with old to new days, large amount of data in every day. So securing the large amount of data is important.

Most organizations are of opinion that their existing security methods for the data are enough for to secure the data and they are analyzing to use additional security measure.

Multiple sources of data:

  • Try to examine the data through many disjointed sources. Variety of data is entered into variety of data system.
  • Data combining together takes more time while doing manually and it can restrict perception to view the data for security purpose.
  • In exhaustive and established system from one location, employee can access the overall information and it permits to multi – contrast and secure data is in complete.


  • It is vital to the companies can get a proper perception from the big data analytics and the companies have an important that the perception from the big data analytics should be evaluate by the respective department.
  • Companies can accomplish their business goals using the big data analytics and the set of distinct data analytics are sent to the companies from big data analytics, it is also one of the big challenges while doing big data analytics.


  • This challenge is faced regularly by the risk manager, budget or investment. If they buy the data to analyze the data can be difficult for them.
  • The risk manager can give the security investment of analytic data of the system and accomplish the goals of the business.

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