What are real-life examples of the application of big data analytics?

big data examples

Big Data

  • Big data is a set of distinct data sets with large volume of data including the structured, semi- structured and unstructured data. Big data consists of three main key concepts and they are variety, velocity and volume.
  • Big data provides the new growth opportunities for companies and also for the new technology and also give a better decisions and enhance the market strategies for the companies.

Big Data Analytics

  • Big data analytics, evolve the analytic techniques against very large, distinct data sets that include structured, semi-structured and unstructured data of the big data with the variety of different data, velocity and large volume of the data.
  • Big data analytics is estimate the useful information by analyze the variety of data set and also discover the hidden pattern, trend in marketing and also provide a better decision for the companies to optimize their business.

What are real-life examples of the application of big data analytics?

There are many real life examples for big data analytics. Now, some of the real-life example application of big data analytics,

  • Healthcare in big data
  • Education
  • Banking
  • E-Commerce
  • Agriculture

Healthcare in big data:

 Big data in healthcare evolve the distinct set of data of the patients, doctors and other staff members in hospital.

It can also analyzing the patient medical report and give the medical treatment or advice to that patient, in personally. It can also give some advice from the specialist like to increase the immunity power, advice regarding fitness and so on. Doctor will be analyze the past medical reports of the patient and give the medicine to the patient based on the reports.


  • Big data collect and organized the set of data in education relate to the students, staffs, courses and exam result of the students.
  • The students data can be analyzed depends upon the history of learning, it should be help to know the individual performance of the student.
  • It ensure that the question paper should not be leak out before the commence of exam. Students can be monitored during examination, using resolution camera. This can be more trend in upcoming years.


  • Big data can be used in a variety of fields or applications, in that way, banking field.
  • Banking field use the big data for detecting the fraudulent activities and remove the errors and loophole in the system and also help us to find the misuse of debit or credit card.
  • Now banking is in digitalized and all operations can be done by customer itself from home or net center, which is a grace of data science. It also ensures the security for the data.


  • E-commerce is one of the way to earning money in online. The small to large companies can compete each other in this industry and also the company wants to accomplish their goals.
  • Big data in e-commerce provides the analytical data for their business.
  • If the customer add the product into a cart and customer can’t buy the product in cart, then the big data gives a special offer for that product and send this offer particularly to that customer automatically.
  • Evolve the customer activities and intimate similar products for increasing the sales and revenue for the companies.


  • Big data in agriculture, it plays a important part to optimize the production of the land. The objective is to alternatively to crop a plant to yield a lot and  increase the generation of food grains.
  • Using big data, process from harvest to distributing the agriculture products like paddy, wheat and so on.
  • Automated water system in land, is useful for the farmers. It can analyze the past data from past years and intimate the farmers which pesticides are work best in which certain conditions. There are so many advantages in agriculture while using big data.
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